Meet our summer interns!

This summer we have the pleasure of having 7 interns from diverse backgrounds at our offices in Oslo.

Oliasoft is excited to introduce you to the 2022 summer interns. Kristofer, Amalie, Fredrik, Erlend, Heidi, Kristoffer and Henrik are spending six weeks with us. They are participating in projects, learning, and working on tasks of great significance and importance for Oliasoft. We are very excited to be spending the next weeks with these talented young students.

To get to know them better, Oliasoft asked the interns to share their experiences and how they feel about working at Oliasoft.

Kristofer Sejersted

Software development Intern | Master of Science, Engineering and ICT | NTNU Trondheim

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I applied as a summer intern at Oliasoft to improve my programming skills and gain knowledge about highly complex and interesting software. Being able to take part and gain insight into the digitalization of an established industry seemed interesting and relevant.  

What has been most challenging so far?

Being thrown into a highly complex oil and gas software such as Oliasoft WellDesign, has been challenging. Trying to grasp how to design an oil well as well as the code and technology behind it has been fun and educational. It has been impressive to see how the engineers and developers make ends meet, creating a multidisciplinary working environment.

Heidi Schreiner

HR Intern | Business and Psychology | Santa Monica College

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?  

When I first heard about Oliasoft I found the company fascinating and inventive, which I still do. I wanted to find a job for the summer that would give me the opportunity to learn more about the HR field as well as the company. I have always enjoyed working with and around people and after reading more about Oliasoft I believed that a summer internship in HR would be a great opportunity for me to achieve this. 

What are your projects this summer?  

I’m responsible for intern follow-ups, office management, and on-site organizing tasks. I manage salaries, develop salary suggestions and make working position suggestions, as well as making employer branding suggestions together with the HR manager and COO. 

Fredrik Akre

Data Science Intern | Master of Science, Applied Physics | NTNU Trondheim

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I study physics and have become increasingly passionate about my field throughout the past few years. I am now keen on applying what I have learned so far while continuing to improve on my knowledge. At Oliasoft I get the chance to do exactly this. Working with a small team of data scientists, I find opportunities to both try my own methods and learn from others.  

What is the most interesting part of your internship?  

Throughout a day at Oliasoft I alternate between deriving formulas by hand, numerically modeling systems, and reading up on relevant papers and articles. There are no repetitive tasks, and every day brings with it new challenges. This makes the work feel engaging and relevant. I am never bored at the office.   

Amalie Strømsnes

Marketing Intern | Master of Arts, International Relations and Management | University of St. Andrews

What has been your best experience so far?

Getting a better understanding of the well design process and the industry without having studied the field of engineering or software before has been very interesting.  I have already learned so much from all the amazing people at Oliasoft and I’m very excited for the weeks ahead. Additionally, one of the best things about the internship is getting real-life work experience, and meeting the other interns and people that work at Oliasoft.

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I am greatly intrigued by the oil and gas industry and the climate challenges it faces, whilst being incredibly important and crucial for securing world energy. Oliasoft is a startup with impressive growth in Norway’s largest industry. I applied to Oliasoft because I want to be a part of that and experience the work environment. I hope to learn from the ambitious and impressive people working here.

Erlend Edvardsen

Software development Intern | Master of Science, Computer Science | NTNU Trondheim

What has been the most challenging so far?

I think getting to know how the software works, both from a user and a developer’s perspective. Previously I’ve mostly worked on software development projects from the beginning, so having to dive into an existing project, figuring out how different parts function and the thought process of other developers have been a challenging but rewarding experience.

What are your projects this summer? 

We are working on updating and rewriting the line charts of the user interface. The code for them was originally written a few years ago, with new functionality add over time without much thought over the overall structure of it, so it was due for some clean-up. We are also going to have it be open source, meaning our work not only will be enjoyed by developers at Oliasoft, but others as well.

Kristoffer Tufte-Johnsen

Software Development Intern | Master of Science, Industrial Economics and Technology Management| NTNU Trondheim

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

As petroleum has been Norway’s most successful industry, I believe there is a lot of knowledge and competence in the industry, not being appreciated enough, that I wanted to learn from. The petroleum industry is criticized for not being innovative enough. Oliasoft strikes me as a serious competitor with the necessary ambition, competence, and concept to innovate the industry. An exciting step forward that I wanted to be a part of. 

What has been the best experience so far? 

I really enjoy working with the other interns. Although we have different backgrounds, different skills, and different tasks, we all sit and talk together. I also get to meet many others from the company both in working and in social situations. I quickly became more comfortable in the job, which has let me fully enjoy the internship. I’m excited to see what the next weeks are going to be like. 

Henrik Remmen

CS and Marketing Intern

Why did you apply to the position as a summer intern at Oliasoft?

I applied to become a summer intern because I want to gain valuable experiences for the future. Here at Oliasoft, I get to work along with smart and experienced people, who are happy to share their knowledge with me, making Oliasoft a great environment for me to learn and develop my skills. 

What are your projects this summer? 

I have been working with user administration and updating the video library to show off WellDesigns features and capabilities. 


In 2021, Oliasoft had six thriving summer interns.

Read more about them here


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