Equinor/Statoil’s Volve Dataset documentation

In Oliasoft we have various customers in various phases of digitalisation work. After Equinor (formerly Statoil) released their Volve dataset into the open, both we in Oliasoft and others can learn from looking at actual data produced by Equinor from Volve. It’s a lot of data and documentation is very limited.

Oliasoft delivers modern software systems and solutions which solve many of the challenges oil companies and service companies face when planning and operating both new and existing oil wells and oil fields. We also provide solutions and competencies to companies who are interested in working with us to make use of modern cloud based software for well design and planning.

Since we are already deep into the details about these kinds of data and simulations, we decided to take a look at the Volve dataset. We also decided to share our take on the data. In the next few weeks we will be publishing details about specifics inside the Volve dataset, and especially within the area that we offer modern software solutions.

Initially we will focus on the data related to well design and planning, including trajectories, wells, casing- and tubing design and temperature simulations. We will also comment on general challenges related to both technologies used, and how old “thick client” (Windows software and relational databases) makes separating data from legacy systems challenging. And how a lot of these challenges can be solved.

At the end of the article series we also hope to offer some insight into how the Volve data (and similar from other legacy systems) can be freed, and migrated into modern offerings by vendors such as ourselves.

We present to you the first in a series of articles, which could be named:

The Volve Dataset – The missing manual:

Equinor/Statoil’s Volve Dataset – Well Technical Data – part 1

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