Another successful summer with interns at Oliasoft

This year we have been lucky to work with six talented summer interns with divergent backgrounds and expertise over a 6-week period.

Summer Interns 2021
From left: Selena Remmen, Omran Nawfal, Shervin Danai, Gaute Hånsnar, Steffen Grønmo and Iver Oknes.

At Oliasoft we are honored to be able to offer students to be on board during the summer. Not only is it a great opportunity for students to gain useful experience from a growing company in a somewhat complicated industry, Oliasoft as a company benefits from fresh eyes and new approaches to solving our daily and future tasks and challenges.
Having summer interns brings a motivation boost to implement and continue the work we have received good contributions on.

– Ida Kildahl, Head of Human Resources at Oliasoft AS

All Oliasoft teams have been enriched with six summer interns this summer, and we have asked the interns four questions to gain insight into what they have worked on and the learning outcomes they have gained this summer.

  1. What made you want to spend the summer at Oliasoft?
  2. What projects / tasks have you worked on this summer?
  3. What has been most interesting about being here?
  4. Can you highlight something you have learned?

Omran Nawfal 

Customer Success Intern | MSc. in Petroleum Engineering, NTNU Trondheim

  1. I was very curious to know more about Oliasoft as a new promising company in the oil and gas market that is trying to bring an innovative software tool to the industry.
  1. As customer success interns, we worked on creating new content for the user guides and improving the existing ones, from technical documentation to video tutorial guides.
  1. The most interesting thing for me has been the amount of trust that we received as interns from day one, and that our ideas are heard and considered just like any other employee in the company. Moreover, the fact that you can have lunch and chat with the company leaders, and veterans in the domain was very exciting and enriching.
  1. On a non-technical level, this internship helped me learn how to be more organized in a professional atmosphere, from setting meetings to prioritizing my task as efficiently as possible. This is something that I will carry on with me going forward in my career.

Iver Oknes 

Data Science Intern | BSc in Fluid Dynamics, University of Oslo.

  1. My thought was that Oliasoft would give me a great opportunity to put what I’ve learned studying to real use, and in turn, driving new learning through my experiences at Oliasoft.
  1. I’ve been working on a model for estimating time consumption for well design projects.
  1. The ability to create something useful for the real world, and combining and utilizing years of education all at once.
  1. I’ve learned how to better structure and track my time and work, allowing me to work more efficiently and understand how that improves the quality of my work.

Shervin Danai

Marketing Intern | Bachelors degree in Media, ITC and Design, Høgskulen in Volda (+ three years of work experience as a graphic designer).  

  1. Working at an ambitious software start-up sounded like a lot of fun, and a terrific opportunity for learning. I’ve always been very interested in the world of software and technology, and this seemed like an excellent chance for me to try out life as an in-house designer.
  1. I have been working in the marketing team as a graphic designer, working on a graphics library, sales materials, and keeping general maintenance of the Oliasoft brand.
  1. All the great people working at Oliasoft. We’ve made a lot of great things together and they make me look forward to going to work every day. And of course, the Oliasoft WellDesign application, which I believe is both ambitious and innovative and will do great things for the oil industry. It’s really cool to be a part of a company that is gaining such momentum, and being able to leave a little bit of your mark on it.
  1. I have learned a lot about cogwheels, more than I thought I would ever need in my life. And of course, I’ve learned a lot about the oil industry, which is a totally new world for me, as well as how a modern software development team works.

Selena Remmen

Sales Intern | Global MSc in Management (CEMS double-degree), London School of Economics and Political Science.

  1. As I’ve had great experiences working for Oliasoft over the last four years, and the work experience I’ve gained at Oliasoft in previous years have been incredibly valuable to me as an IT and management student, I wanted to reapply to the sales summer internship and spend my summer here at Oliasoft.
  1. My project this summer has been focused on creating and setting up a new customer mapping tool for the sales and marketing team, which can be used to effectively gain insight into the oil and gas market and to target new and potential customers.
  1. The most exciting thing about being at Oliasoft this year has been to be able to see what progress has been made since the beginning. As this is my fourth-year interning for Oliasoft, it feels incredibly rewarding to finally see the finished product and the progress that has been made in digitizing the industry!
  1. This year I’ve further developed my analytics skills by processing, structuring, and validating large amounts of data. In a sales context, this means that I’ve learned more about using data analytics to generate valuable insights into new markets and how such data can be used to help reach organizational goals.

Steffen Grønmo

Software Development Intern | MSc in Software Engineering, University of Bergen.

  1. I reached out to Oliasoft because it was a great opportunity to get some work experience and learn how it is like to be a part of a serious start-up company.
  1. This summer I have been working as a full stack software developer, designing and implementing new features for Oliasoft applications.
  1. The most exciting thing about my stay at Oliasoft must be how cool it is to make something that will be seen and used by a lot of people.
  1. I have learned a lot during the summer, including how it is to work with a professional team where everyone is passionate about what they are doing. I have also learned a lot about the chemistry and geology of natural gas/oil, about rig/well design, about oil extraction, and of course a lot of other technical stuff.

I can honestly say that it has been a thrill to work with all of the nice people of Oliasoft, an experience I would highly recommend.

Gaute Hånsnar

Customer Success Intern | MSc. Drilling Engineering, NTNU Trondheim.

  1. Spending my summer at Oliasoft seemed like a great opportunity for me to be able to work with several of my main interests, being drilling, computer science and human interaction. Digitizing the industry is high priority and contributing to that is interesting and exciting.
  1. As a Customer Success intern, I have been working on improving the user experience of the well design application, by improving the user guide manual and Oliasoft documentation pages.
  1. The most interesting part about working for Oliasoft is the fact that it’s a startup with great ambitions. To experience how a company in growth works and collaborates to achieve short-term and long-term goals has been educating and inspiring.
  1. Through my internship I have obtained in-depth knowledge about different drilling topics from colleagues with great expertise. I have also learned to utilize my engineering skills for purposes different from “typical” engineering problems.

In conclusion, we want to thank all the great young and promising interns for their contributions and wish them all the best on their career paths. Some of them we see back in the office after the holidays.

We are already looking forward to welcoming a new cohort next summer. 

In 2020, Oliasoft had eight thriving summer interns.

Read more about them here.

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