Working at Oliasoft

Amélie - Scientist

I grew up in the Reims area in France and studied at the University of Strasbourg. In 2006 I received engineering and masters degrees in geophysics from the University of Strasbourg and the School and
observatory of Earth Sciences.

In 2010 I obtained a PhD in geophysics about hydro-thermal exchanges. I moved to Norway in 2010, to work as a postdoc at the University of Oslo. After that, I worked in IRIS (now a group in NORCE), and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, before I started at Oliasoft in January 2020.

Why did you choose to work at Oliasoft?

I was curious about working in a small startup company. Working in a small structure provides extra opportunities to be given more responsibilities, and that is something that I appreciate. Also, Oliasoft is a very exciting company to work at for someone with my background.

What do you work with at Oliasoft?

I am a scientist and work with the development of the temperature simulator. This is a part we develop in collaboration with the Institute for Energy Technology.

How does a normal workday and week look like for you?

A normal week includes a lot of communication with the developers, the other scientists, my manager, and IFE (Institute for Energy Technology). I coordinate and discuss features to implements so that we get the temperature simulator in place, and I also validate the scientific results of the simulations.

What makes you go to work each day? Why do you love your job?

I love the work environment at Oliasoft. All my colleagues are friendly, and everyone cares about each other. I also like that we have a clear goal, which is to launch a new software product. It is very inspiring to contribute to new software that is needed and hear about the positive feedbacks from the clients starting to use it. One of the things I enjoy most is when newly implemented functionality is working well.

In your opinion, why should people work here?

There is a friendly team, good communication between all of us, and quick feedback. It is exciting to work at a startup. We have flexible working time. We are involved and informed of the whole value chain, from the development to the commercialisation.

'It is very inspiring to contribute to a new software that is needed and to get positive feedback from clients using our software.'

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