Well planning software based on the latest technological developments

Oliasoft WellDesign is developed in close collaboration with world-class research institutes.

We work with recognised sector thought leaders to continually upgrade our software to anticipate new techniques and industry standards.

Oliasoft WellDesign integrates knowledge from across the engineering world to make possible an ever wider range of possibilities for optimal well planning.

Institute for Energy Technology

The Institute for Energy Technology develops new solutions for the renewable energy and petroleum sectors

Long-term research cooperation with the IFE

We are working with the IFE to research thermal propagation through fluids in production, injection, and circulation scenarios.

Accurate representation of heat transfer – including effects for thermal radiation, thermal conduction, convention, and energy loss by phase changes – is essential for understanding the multistring effects in modern casing and tubing design.

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Meteorological Institute

Norway’s Meteorological Institute is a world class research organization focused on weather and climate research

Oil drift modeling with Meteorological Institute

We are working with the Institute to model precise prediction of oil drift from potential spills or blowouts – essential for quantifying drilling operations risk. Our state of the art oil drift model can also be used by emergency response organisations.

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DNV is the world’s leading classification society and a recognized technical advisor to the oil and gas industry

Conductor and wellhead fatigue analysis with DNV

Our analysis with DNV uses numerical simulation techniques to accurately model axial and bending stresses on the wellhead and conductor.

It supports both free definition and calculation of soil stiffness based on site survey data to determine the seabed’s vertical capacity.

The analysis, performed in minutes by powerful scalable backend servers, will extended WellDesign with another integrated module.

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Tenaris is the leading manufacturer of pipes and related services for the world’s energy sector and other industries

Corrosion project with Tenaris

We work with Tenaris to design calculations for H2S material selection and CO2 partial pressure that meet NORSOK 506-M and NACE MR0175 standards. Our work integrates with Tenaris’ steelmaking, pipe rolling, heat treatment, threading and finishing manufacturing system.

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