Finalizing Alpha-testing

Thank you Alpha Testers

Over the duration the last couple of months, early customers that registered for an alpha trial has tested the initial version of the Oliasoft Wellplan application. This testing has given us invaluable feedback with regards to general stability, bug fixes, iterations on the graphical user interphase, and even shifted some development priorities going forward.

The alpha test was performed by the following user base:




Oil Companies



This valuable period has made us ready for the Beta phase where Oliasoft will invite a much larger user base into the application. So far, 240 users from over 80 companies in 20 countries has requested trial user access. These will get a notification to sign up shortly.

For a short update of the current state of Oliasoft Wellplan, please see below.

Trajectory Module (READY FOR BETA)

The full initial feature list for well trajectories and anti-collision has now been implemented and tested according to the test sets from International Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA).

The module supports unlimited number of well trajectories and seperation factor calculations between any two well trajectories, including the closest trajectory at any one time. Multiple site locations and relief well automation.

It supports full parametric wellpath design in addition to survey station import in a variety of formats.

Work to be done during beta-testing includes routines for building a wellpath automatically based on user defined rules and general iterations on the graphical user interphase.

Casing Design Module (READY FOR BETA)

The Casing Design Module has been tested for nearly 5 months and is becoming a very mature module. Full Triaxial Design including all effects have been implemented.

The Casing Design Module consists of a number of engines in order to maximimize re-usability of the calculations:

  • Initial Conditions Engine
  • Load Case Generator
  • Triaxial Engine
  • Engine for Burst, Collapse, Axial and Triaxial  Safety Factors

All load cases generate forces in all dimensions and include effects such as ballooning, piston effects, restoring forces, bending and buckling.

TubinG Design

Most of the tubing design functionality has been completed under the alpha phase. Full triaxial stress based on tubing set by packer, including a full transient thermal simulator and packer loads is currently being tested.

Remaining features to be completed before beta testing is related to multistring anaylsis such as annular fluid expansion and wellhead growth. These are estimated to be completed within Q3 of 2018.

Blowout & Kill Simulator (ready for BETA)

Oliasoft´s Blowout & Kill simulator will enter an extensive beta period over the coming weeks. The module is completed with two engines:

  • BlowFlow Engine
  • WellKill Engine

The BlowFlow engine has been developed by a leading research institute in Norway and has been made according to the updated standard for calculation of blowout rates and duration in a stochastic framework. The module has already been approved by major oil companies.

The WellKill engine is capable of calculating dynamic kill scenarios through a relief well in order to determine what kill rate and kill mud weight is necessary in order to stop the flow of oil from the reservoir. In turn, this will give oil companies the reassurance needed to verify that their design is according to NORSOK or BSSE requirements.

All inputs supports uncertainties in the form of various distributions.

Oliasoft API (ready for BETA)

The Oliasoft API is able to support full machine-to-machine communications for advanced users.

Oliasoft engines can be build into any application and priopriatery calculations and simulations can be efficiently added in to the Oliasoft work flow.

The API will enable realtime re-calculation of the entire dataset.

The API´s are currently undergoing massive testing and will be open to a large group of trial customers shortly.

Details about the API´s can be found in our developers pages:, including test applications with available source code.

If you have any questions regarding the API´s please dont hesitate to contact us.

Some words from our customers

The overall use of Oliasoft Wellplan is very VERY easy and useful. We are looking forward to the finalization of the Tubing Design module as this will complete the requirements our company has for this type of software.

Senior Drilling Engineer / USA

We are very happy with Oliasoft so far and are looking forward to use the Blowout & Kill module in our company. This will make it MUCH easier for our engineers and save us a lot of time in getting our designs verified according to the blowout regulatives in NORSOK.

Drilling Manager / Norway

Our company is building an internal application for our engineering group, and Oliasoft API therefore fits very well in our objective to implement these important calculations into our systems.

IT Manager / USA

Beta testers

Oliasoft will automatically send out invitations to registered beta testers. If for some reason you do not receive an invitation from us over the next couple of weeks, please re-register here, and we will get you on board.

We are looking forward working with you over the next phase.