ONS 2016 wrap-up

For the first time ever, Oliasoft showcased Wellplan™ to oil companies and the response was unanimous: “We need this! When can you deliver?”

We executed a simple plan at ONS. We visited every oil company’s stand and asked for people working in drilling. They were either already present, or were called in and showed up after a few minutes. We followed with a show and tell session and a good discussion that gave us valuable user feedback. In total we visited 18 oil companies and had good discussions with all of them.

The prospective users were positive towards our new software solution. Here’s a sample of the feedback we received:

“The industry needs something new, and this could be it!”

“We got to have this!”

“Our current tools are steam-based technology–we got to have something new like this.”

“The engineers need a tool that is comprehensive and allow them to do their job 100% from A to Z.”

“This could reintroduce things like slim-design; we would love to save money on improved and optimized designs.”

“We need something new! Please come visit us next week and give us a full product presentation.”

Armed with positive feedback and good news from ONS 2016 we’ve rushed back to our “caves” to continue our product development. We’re more eager than ever to deliver an outstanding product that can benefit the oil industry.