Wellplan™: An integrated suite of tools for drilling engineers

Wellplan™ features

Wellplan™ will be the most comprehensive engineering package for well construction planning available:

Well trajectory engineering

Comprehensive well trajectory functionality covering main modes of trajectory calculation including the powerful numerical 'constant-turn-rate-method'. Wellplan™ migrates old databases and systems for easy transfer of company repositories.

Triaxial casing stress analysis

Triaxial casing stress analysis with transparent models for burst, collapse, axial and triaxial stress.

Tubing design and HPHT

Wellplan™’s state-of-the art multiphase hydraulic and temperature prediction model lets you safely and accurately perform production loads and addresses required HPHT issues in the planning phase.

Well trajectory engineering

The Wellplan™ trajectory engineering module contains all the main modes of trajectory calculations for accurate planning and monitoring of wellpaths, complete with error modelling and anti-collision capabilities. The following modes are readily available:

  • Tangential method
  • Balanced tangential method
  • Minimum curvature method
  • Radius of curvature method
  • Numerical constant-turn-rate method (default)
  • Constant curvature method

Error modelling are supported for most common methods, including the following:

  • Cone of error method
  • Systematic error
  • ISCWSA (The Industry Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy)
  • Survey contractor error import functions

Wellplan™ is using the industry standard anti-collision methods.

Triaxial casing stress analysis

Wellplan™ facilitates triaxial casing stress analysis with transparent models for burst, collapse, axial and the Von Mises Equivalent triaxial stress. Wellplan™ offers complete freedom of choice regarding utilisation of published methods or proprietary models for service loads, including temperature effects, buoyancy, ballooning, bending, buckling and crossover expansion.

The metallurgical calculations necessary for grade selection are included in an innovative new user interface, complete with actual properties data from the all the major tubular producers with regards to resistance to CO2 and H2S. All standard charts and tables are readily available, in addition to useful drag and drop features and the ability to easily share designs with colleagues. Wellplan™ is optimised for established work flows used by drilling engineers.

The carefully designed user interfaces places buttons and input parameters logically, in clear view. The predefined simulation cases included are specifically designed to meet current regulatory requirements, together with relevant standards including the NORSOK D-010, ISO/TR 10400:2007 and API.

Tubing design and HPHT

Wellplan™ contains a very accurate multiphase hydraulic and temperature prediction model, verified by the laboratory of one of the world’s leading research institutes.

The engine fuels the tubing design and HPHT thermal functionality that enables users to accurately simulate production loads, such as AFE (annular fluid expansion) and wellhead growth problems. Wellplan™ lets you accurately simulate loads induced by flowing of the well, early life production, shut-in operations, kill and bullheading operations, fracturing and lifetime production simulations.

Functionality covers all requirements from laws and regulations along with relevant standards, including the NORSOK D-010, ISO/TR 10400:2007 and API.

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